COP29 Accommodation Services Now Available

COP29 Accommodation Services Now Available

We at W&A Consular World extend our heartfelt gratitude to the over 6,000 guests we assisted in Dubai. Your trust in our services over the last four COP conferences and other global summits enabled us to deliver our most sustainable and affordable attendance packages ever. Consular services including secure transportation, rooms, logistics and event spaces upon request. Limited options remaim, book early not to miss out.

Plan Ahead for COP29 in Baku, Azerbaijan

As we look towards COP29 and beyond, we are already gearing up and visiting Baku to offer a distilled suite of services:

    • Affordable Accommodation: Stay tuned for early bird offers and exclusive deals for COP29 attendees.
    • Sustainable Transport: We’ll continue to provide eco-friendly transport options, ensuring your travel is as green as your stay.
    • Enhanced Services: Expect more from us as we innovate and expand our offerings to make your experience at global summits unparalleled.

Stay connected with us for updates and early access to our COP29 services. Together, let’s make every summit a step towards a more sustainable and collaborative world.

Highlights from last year's COP28 in Dubai

We and our partners provided a seamless experience for delegates from around the globe, offering sustainable accommodation and transport services.

With our secure transport fleet including 47 cars and over 2000 sustainable journeys delivered to our clients. All with WACW’s unrivalled transport protectorate level of service.

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Our in-house researched and curated transport, city, and metro maps, along with comprehensive resource guides for each of our 33+ hospitality partners in Dubai, provided our guests with an unparalleled level of information and preparation. Coupled with regular updates across all our social media platforms, we ensured every guest was thoroughly informed and ready for their Dubai experience well before their arrival. This commitment to detailed, proactive communication is a cornerstone of the exceptional service we pride ourselves on at W&A Consular World.

Our global ‘’Green at Source’ initiative saw us contributing to a greener future, one enquiry at a time. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees. In 2023, we planted 41,000 trees with our stakeholders, and we shall be continuing this legacy into COP29 and other world summits such as Davos, UNGA and many more in 2024.

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Accommodation for COP29 Delegates in Baku, Azerbaijan

Our selection of hotels for COP29 offers a variety of options to suit every need, and we will assist you in finding the most suitable accommodation in Baku, Azerbaijan (Book here NOW). With our accommodation, COP29 participants only need to relax and focus on the summit. Please be careful about booking on unsafe websites and through third parties that may inflate prices.

We are fully knowledgeable regarding the type of COP29 accommodation wanted by the respectable delegates and their personal security detail. As part of offering accommodation for COP29 delegates, we take security very seriously. We ensure that our team absorbs all-important local security knowledge and that Baku government security regulations inside and outside COP29 hotels are relayed and understood. 

WA Consular, World Leaders in Sourcing Sustainable Consular Services for Summits

Transforming the future of summit transit with our sustainable, premium, and executive services

At W&A Consular, we redefine the standards of executive transit, offering a premium suite of services that include private charters, mini buses and saloon cars. Our Transportation fleets are operated by a team of knowledgeable drivers who uphold the highest standards of service. We are committed to providing a seamless, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly travel experience whether just airport fast track transfers or a presidential convoy making us the chosen provider for sustainable consular services.

Our network of government-licensed partners, guided by our transport protectorate, offers unrivalled support for summits. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional services at previous UNFCCC COP Summits. Our expertise and commitment to sustainable practices enable us to provide unparalleled support, ensuring the success of world summits.

We understand the need for connectivity and convenience in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why our fleet of new model vehicles is equipped with WiFi and complimentary refreshments. We tailor our services to meet your planning and protocol requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient daily commute, transit experience. #aboveandbeyond

W&A Consular World
W&A Consular World

The Most Secure Diplomatic COP29 Accommodation & COP29 Hotels in Baku, Azerbaijan

Our Baku accommodation is perfect for heads of state, CEOs, and other notable guests seeking anonymity and privacy. We have forged unique relations with select partners of exclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels in Baku. Have your pick from our list of approved COP29 hotels and resorts.

Example Executive Accommodation For COP29 Participants At Exclusive Hotels in Fabulous Locations

UNFCCC COP 28 Dubai accommodation sample


Looking For Hotels Near COP29? We Have The Best Baku Accommodation for COP29

We have partnered with the best hotels near COP29 Congress to ensure you find accommodation near Baku Olympic Stadium that matches your needs. With COP29 accommodation wanted by the most notable guests, we are committed to ensuring that each delegate has a productive and enjoyable stay from start to finish.

To provide the best accommodation COP27 delegates deserve, we implement several measures, including increasing security presence, providing shuttle services between airports and Sharm El Sheikh hotels, and having medical assistance ready during one of the most significant events on the calendar this year. – Please be reassured our COP27 hotel prices are highly competitive and offer unparalleled value.

Ask About Our COP 27 Accommodation Packages For Delegates Which Include Transport & Security Arrangements

Our accommodation for COP 27 is both for large and small groups. We offer a wide range of COP 27 accommodation options, from family budget rooms to suites at luxury hotels in Sharm El Sheikh. Call us to learn about our COP 27 hotel packages and COP27 hotel prices. Our accommodation for COP 27 is close to the venue, safeguarded from COVID-19. We also offer transport and security arrangements. We use carbon-neutral vehicles and provide world-class security protection (Personal Protection Detail) within and beyond the COP 27 hotel, ensuring you and your assets are safe from any danger. Please contact us today if you have any questions about our transport and security addon packages as part of your COP 27 accommodation booking.

Offering Accommodation for COP27 with the Highest Security Standards Available in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

WAWC provided first-rate COP accommodation in 2021. This year, we will once again be offering accommodation for COP27 delegates. We work closely with local authorities, ensuring the Sharm El Sheikh hotels meet security requirements. With the part we play in handling high-security events and accommodation, COP27 would be a success. Rest assured, WAWC’s COP accommodation includes only the most secure Sharm El Sheikh hotels. We deploy a security team to monitor our COP hotels and respond to potential threats. With years of experience in VIP security services, our team of highly experienced bodyguards has developed excellent relations with many diplomatic missions, delegates, and dignitaries worldwide.

Find The Best Hotel Accommodation For COP27 Without Hassle; Get In Contact Today!

We specialise in finding COP 27 hotels that meet specific needs, all within easy reach of the conference centre. Whatever your requirements, from budget-friendly COP 27 accommodation to exclusive luxury hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, we would be happy to help. Call WACW to know more about our service. Hotels near COP27 are booking up fast. If you’re looking for a COP 27 hotel, you must act now. Contact us today and tell us what you need so that we can find the right match from our many available types of accommodation for COP27. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Sharm El-Sheikh. Read Less

FAQs: COP29 Baku, Azerbaijan

WACW is a simple and convenient way to search and book COP29 Hotel Accommodation in Baku. We have a vast network of premier hotels near COP29, each catering to various needs. We will help you find one that answers all your needs. When you book accommodation for COP29 through W&A Consular World, we will handle everything you need for your stay, from dining to transport to security, so that you can focus on the climate change conference itself. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us help you look through hotels near COP and find the best COP accommodation for you.

We are currently in the midst of reviewing a variety of accommodation options to ensure we can offer you the best possible choices. Our goal is to provide accommodations that not only offer the most competitive prices but also meet our standards for safety and comfort which go above and beyond other providers. It’s worth noting that we successfully assisted over 6000 delegates with their accommodation, transport, events and catering needs during the COP28 summit in Dubai in 2023, and we are committed to providing the same high level of service for COP29. Once Government releases more Hotels, we expect to be able to offer some other choices and continue to ensure most competitive rates with our exceptional researched COP delegate factors taken into consideration for your assistance as we’ve delivered 5+ years for UN summits. 

Rest assured your stay in any of the hotels for COP29 will be safe, with WACW at the helm. Our range of COP29 hotels is strategically located near the conference centre to minimise possible risks as delegates journey back and forth from their rooms during presentations or other events happening simultaneously on-site; we have briefed and vetted local personnel who are knowledgeable and can help ensure delegate safety 24/7, in addition to a 24/7 Human Hotel helpline for clients who want to voice concerns.

Additional information about participating in the UNFCCC process is available on the UN Climate Change (UNFCCC) website and the COP29 Baku website